This site was originally prepared as part of a custom Web Design training class created for D Magazine & People Newspapers onsite at Dallas, TX, on  May 13-15, 2009 by Max Ferman, M.Ed. for AcademyX.

Fifteen print designers and I were locked in a conference room  for three days, where I was hired to teach them  HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and everything else I could squeeze in to help them become web designers.

In preparation, I researched and posted current links and resources that I believed would help them during the training, as well as after I left.

I continued to keep the page updated long after the class ended, and encouraged the Dallas designers to utilize these resources and keep me posted on their progress.

Knowing that constant change in this industry is an understatement, I felt these resources would be also be helpful to my future web design students, so I continued to research, collect and organize hundreds of amazing resources and information on the web  as a “tool kit” for web design and production.

I’ve maintained and updated the site almost weekly. Excited to find and share so many great resources that I hope may  help students and colleagues continue to learn the enormous process of web design.

My collection of  links and resources outgrew the one page that I originally created for my print designers in Dallas, so  I chose WordPress to better present and organize  the next iteration of  the site.

I’ve also added a Student section, and encourage students to post their sites, links, and promote their work.

As I continue to learn through the thousands of people who generously share their knowledge and techniques online, I invite all students and colleagues who find this collection useful to take what you need, and share what you discover.

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NOTE:    In 1999-2000 I  designed and developed a similar website called Max’s Web Developer Workshop.  I used the technology that was available at that time:   Dreamweaver v.2 , Fireworks v.3, tables, slicing graphics, JavaScript,  DHTML, early CSS!  Many of the links and resources that I referenced on the site are no longer in existence.  I still keep the site up as an archive,  just to see how far I’ve come as an artist,  web designer and instructor.

I am truly blessed to have been able to work in this industry, and teach thousands of students for more than 10 years!   Thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I  love!




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