1. Web Interface
  2. Page Structure and Site Design, from the Web Style Guide Online
  3. Units of Measurement
    • pixels vs inches
    • Resolution 72dpi
  4. Screen Size
  5. What does a good web page need?, by Mark Norman Francis
  6. Web Design Trends For 2009 (2 parts), by Smashing Editorial
  7. Understanding the Split Layout in Web Design
  8. Tips for better web design
  9. How to Spot Quality within Web Design
  10. Navigation
  11. Iconography
  12. Images
  13. Typography
  14. Multimedia
  15. Interface Design Session, from NetTuts+ [ updated -10/6/10 ]

Planning your Design for CSS

  1. 5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Web Designs for Coding, from NetTuts [ updated - 11/11/10]
  2. The 10 Commandments of Web Design, from Speckyboy  [ updated -7/24/12 ]
  3. Document Design, from the Web Style Guide Online
  4. Easing The Path from Design to Development, by Drew McLellan
  5. Headers, footers, columns, and templates, by Ben Henick
  6. How to get Cross Browser Compatibility Every Time, by Anthony Short
  7. How To Keep Up To Date On UX Design  [ updated - 08/05/12]
  8. Important Tips To Consider Before Designing a Professional Website, from [ updated - 11/25/10]
  9. Tips for better web design, by Mark Aplet
    • Document Setup
    • Graphics & Content
    • Fonts & Typography
    • Accessibility

Responsive Web Design

  1. 50 fantastic tools for responsive web design
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design
  3. Building Responsive Layouts for the Responsive Web Design Summit 2012
  4. How to get started with Responsive Web Design
  5. Responsive Web Design: 50 Examples and Best Practices
  6. Responsive Web Design – Tutorials (WordPress)
  7. The top responsive web design problems … and how to avoid them!
  8. What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?


  1. 21 Fantastic Free Website Templates


  1. When You Shouldn’t Use Fitts’s Law To Measure User Experience




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