1. 10 Terrific Time-Saving CSS Cleanup Tools [ updated - 9/11/13 ]
  2. 25 Essential Tutorials And Resources For Learning CSS3, from CSSreflex.com
  3. 350 Amazing CSS3 Resources to Become a CSS Master, from webitect.net
  4. Best Collection of CSS3 Tutorials and Techniques, from Design [ updated - 1/14/11 ]
  5. CSS3 Animations: the Hiccups and Bugs You’ll Want to Avoid  [ updated - 11/15/11 ]
  6. CSS3 Cheat Sheet (PDF), from Smashing Magazine
  7. CSS3 Examples and Best Practices, from Web Designers Wall
  8. CSS3 Mastery, from Nettuts+ [ updated - 2/18/11 ]
  9. Essential CSS 3 Resources, Guides and Tools
  10. October’s (2010) Best Resources for CSS, from Net-Kit.com
  11. Taking Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr
  12. Using Mobile CSS3 Media Queries to Create a Mobile Version of Your Site


  1. 22 Handy HTML5 & CSS3 Tools, Resources And Guides, from .1stwebdesigner.com
  2. 25 Useful HTML5/CSS3 Tools, Cheat Sheets and Resources, from smashinghub.com
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  10. HTML5 and CSS3 Without Guilt [ updated - 12/18/10 ]
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Links from Ben Jaffe

2/17/11 (under construction)
  1. HTML5 New Elements, from W3.org
  2. HTML5 differences from HTML4
  3. HTML5 enabling script -HTML Shiv
  4. Modernizr

Compatibility Issues

  1. CSS3 & HTML5, Digital Marketing, Analytics & SEO
  2. Findmebyip.com
  3. HTML5 And CSS3 Browser Compatibility Chart
  4. Can I Use.com – Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers.
  5. Compatibility table: CSS3 Selectors
  6. CSS contents and browser compatibility


  1. CurvyCorners – Beautiful rounded corners for your HTML boxes
  2. CSS: border-radius and -moz-border-radius
  3. CSS3 Gradient Generator by: Damian Galarza
  4. CSS3 Gradients for all browsers
  5. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator
  6. Zen Coding
  7. CSS3 Examples and Best Practice
  8. 50+ Awesome CSS3 Techniques for Better Designs, from  Webdesigner Depot
  9. CSS: Animation Using CSS Transforms
  10. Object-Oriented CSS: What, How, and Why
  11. The Adjacent-Sibling Selector
  12. Selectors Level 3 -W3C Proposed Recommendation 15 December 2009
  13. CSS: Animation Using CSS Transforms
  14. Object-Oriented CSS: What, How, and Why
  15. The Adjacent-Sibling Selector
  16. Selectors Level 3 - W3C Proposed Recommendation 15 December 2009




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