Web Design Process with Max-Inc.com

Thank you for contacting Max-Inc.com. We have created online resources  to help you plan and organize your website project with us.

If you have not managed the production of a web project before, we know this process can feel overwhelming. As your partner, we are here to make sure you know what is happening with each step of your project, and help you throughout the entire development process.

We have established sound processes and resources that help us manage the project with you to meet your requirements and expectations.

Where to Begin

I have developed a project management methodology to manage large complex projects that uses information architecture as the foundation of this process.

To keep the project on time and on budget, A Project Plan will be created to define the goals, scope, milestones, costs, and cost-to-complete estimates and deliverable time line of each website.

Step 1


This is your opportunity to get organized, and become clear about what you really truly want your web presence to be.

Our Website Planning Worksheet is designed to help us understand your requirements and work with you to better design your site requirements.

Step 2


We ask clients to take the time needed to write the content they wish to present on their website.

We then conduct a content inventory from your submitted content and images to assess your project requirements before we begin any work.


Our client's find the online resources and tools that we've created help them to better organize and plan their project from the beginning.

We won't leap into building a Web site before we understand what you want to accomplish, and work with you to assess your project resources and time allocation.

We work closely with your Project Manager to help avoid any unplanned additions and changes that will exceed budgets, delay schedules, to insure the development process is efficient and cost effective.