Partnering with you in the Process


The entire design and development process is completely "client driven". When we work with organizations on a course or website project, many have groups or committees where all members are "Stakeholders" in the project. We find the best practice is to have one point person, or "Project Manager" as the liaison for all communication, deliverables, and approvals for the client.

The Project Manager should be someone in the client group who is available throughout the entire development cycle and be accessible through email and voice mail on a daily basis. For example, if the Project Manager is planning a week vacation during the production cycle, the projects schedule and budget may be affected.

Communication with the Project Manager is essential throughout the process.

Project Manager

When we schedule time to begin work on your project, we schedule the tasks, allocate resources, and develop a timeline based on an analysis of your group’s needs, goals and the availability of the Project Manager.

We prefer to work closely with the Project Manager at all stages of the development to provide regular status and update reports throughout the project.

We rely on frequent communication with the Project Manager through phone contact and email sometimes daily, often several times a week. We often use an online project management tool to work with the Project Manager to monitor the project and track all deliverables.

We ask the Project Manager to provide their general weekly schedule to show their availability so we can plan for approvals and deliverables that fit the Project Manager's schedule.
We ask the Project Manager to please respond to email and voice mail promptly to answer questions, confirm information, or give approval so we can move on to the next phase of development.

If we've asked for your reply, or are waiting for your input or approval, production stops and may delay the project schedule, and possibly incur additional charges and postponement fees.